Doc McStuffins: Please Get Out of My Brain

The Doc is in and she’ll fix you up. If you’re a toy, then you’re in luck. It’s okay, don’t be afraid. The Doc really knows her stuff!

Move over, Chloe’s Closet, Weasel has a new favorite show: DOC MCSTUFFINS. The show–about a child “doctor” who fixes talking toys–isn’t so bad. While it’s not terribly educational, the Doc is a decent role model and the show is designed to reduce anxiety about going to the doctor… But the theme song. THE THEME SONG. Not since Cher’s 1998 “Believe” has a song so thoroughly taken up residence in my brain.

Do do do what is good for you. The doc will help you feel better. Up up up is the way to go when you’re feelin’ under the weather.

Make it stop! (It won’t stop). I cannot it out of my head. What is the cure for an earworm? …There is some expert opinion that it is better to accept a sticky song rather than trying to fight it away. There is also a very clever website, unhearit, which promises to cure you of your earworm. It worked for me (by replacing Doc McStuffins with another song), but only temporarily… I suppose I should just give in… Let the tiny Victrola in my mind keep playing on. And on. And on….

Let Doc McStuffins do her thing. She’ll get you right back in the swing. Doc McStuffins, Doc Mc Stuffins, c’mon let the visit begin with…Doc Mc Stuffins, Doc McStuffins, c’mon let the visit begin. The Doc is IN!