Infant Tylenol Dosage Change

"Why didn't they just make a uniform concentration in the first place, mommy??"
"Crying_baby," from Flickr Creative Commons by bbaunach

Apparently, a change to infant acetaminophen has been phasing in for almost a year. I just didn’t notice because I don’t give Piglet Tylenol very often (…maybe something about asthma blah blah blah). Some makers of acetaminophen are getting rid of the concentrated infant drops (which are a higher concentration than children’s liquid), and are moving to having one general strength of infant/children’s liquid. Makes sense. Kids must have been overdosed left and right.

Anyway, this change is GOOD because eventually the dosaging will be uniform… but in the meantime, be careful, there may still be two different types of liquid Tylenol/acetaminophen on the shelf: 80mg/0.8ml (these will be phased out) and 160mg/5ml.

Make sure you have the bottle in hand to read the dosage strength when you call your healthcare provider for your infant’s dosage. THEN, make sure you don’t have stray bottles around that could get mixed up… When I call for a dosage I try to write the date and the current dose right on the bottle.

Read more about this issue on the American Academy of Pediatrics website, (I’m soooo crushing on them lately). Also, while I was looking into this, I saw that there was a semi-recent recall of liquid Tylenol due to some issues with the bottle, so you might want to check if you have any of that lying around, too.